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City construction investment Group company party committee member, deputy general manager Huang Jietuan to Xinhong company held a staff meeting

Release Date: 2023-11-03Views: 100 timesSource: WebsiteAuthor: Super administrator

113On the same day, Huang Jietuan, member of the Party committee and deputy general manager of the City Construction Investment Group Company, held a staff meeting with Xinhong Company, and Yu Meisheng, chairman and general manager of Xinhong Company, led all employees of the company to participate。


At the meeting, General manager Yu Meisheng first reported the basic situation of Xintuo Company, Xinhong Company and construction chain company, and made a detailed report on the organizational structure and personnel allocation, business development, business performance indicators, existing problems and the next work plan of each company。During this period, all the participants had a full discussion on the opinions and suggestions put forward by Huang Jietuan, and the atmosphere was warm。


After that, Huang Jietuan put forward requirements for company management and development。He stressed that all employees should have a correct attitude,Give full play to the spirit of ownership,Always keep in mind that company development and personal development go hand in hand,Make active suggestions and suggestions,Be sure to work together,Seek common development;We will continue to deepen reform,Optimize performance management,Promote marketization of enterprises,Bring performance management back to its roots,Give full play to the essential impetus,Inspire employees to "dare to play, good to play, can play" surging power,Unleash the vitality of rapid development of enterprises;The monthly work reporting mechanism should be refined,Monthly priority task list,Combined with the current operating conditions, business development, fund management, the existing difficulties and corresponding rectification measures for in-depth dissection,Solid progress,Steady improvement。

Finally, Yu Meisheng thanked the group company for its care and support。And firmly believe that under the strong leadership of the Party committee of the group company, under the correct guidance of the leadership of the company, all employees of the company will surely gather their hearts, unite as one, and compose high-quality new development of the company。